Bibi Lucy is unsure about her age. She was pregnant during the time that the first president of Tanzania was in power. She delivered her baby by operation and following this was left with a fistula. The baby didn’t survive. She never became pregnant again but her husband stayed by her side and she gratefully was not isolated from her family or community. She was respected and still belonged in the village.

Bibi Esther also is not sure of her age. She had 2 live children but on the third she developed fistula after a normal delivery.  The baby died. She found it difficult to be accepted in her community due to the smell of urine that surrounded her. After her husband died, she was cared for by her son. She lived in a community not far from Bibi Lucy, but never knew her before coming to the Kivulini Maternity Centre.

Both ladies heard of the fistula treatment from the message that Lucas, our outreach coordinator shared whilst he was in a remote part of rural Tanzania. They were told by their communities of how Maternity Africa is able to offer treatment and loving and kind care. Both ladies trusted Lucas so embarked on the long journey to come here. They have been undergoing treatment over the last few weeks since Dr Andrew operated and have become firm friends and are both so happy to be here

The sadness is that they have lived their whole lives with this debilitating condition without any previous hope of a cure. They however are full of hope for the future.

We are delighted that Lucas remains such an important ambassador for Maternity Africa and his perseverance changes lives and brings so much joy to those we are here to serve

Thank you for your support in bringing hope and healing to these precious ladies.