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Donate today to help provide quality maternal health services to some of Tanzania’s poorest women.

Poverty is one of the major barriers preventing mothers from accessing adequate maternity care. In response, Maternity Africa provides FREE care to ALL of the vulnerable and marginalized women we serve. Maternity Africa depends on your generous donations to make this happen.

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PO BOX 1377, Arusha

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Maternity Africa

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PO Box 16541

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Send a cheque (USD or TZS only) payable to Maternity Africa:

Maternity Africa, PO Box 16464, Arusha, Tanzania


Secure tax-deductible donations by country

Australian Donors

Make a tax-deductible donation in Australia through our partner, Barbara May Foundation.

UK Donors, including Gift Aid

With the help of our partner IMPACT Foundation UK, you can make a single or regular donation.

US Donors

With the help of our partner King Baudouin Foundation United States (KBFUS), you can make 501(c)(3) tax-efficient donations to our Maternity Africa (USA) Fund.

Canadian Donors

Donate to Maternity Africa through the Canadian Friends Fund with our partner organization, KBF Canada Foundation.

European Donors

With the help of our partner King Baudouin Foundation (in conjunction with Transnational Giving Europe), donors from Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Spain can make tax-efficient donations to our European Friends of Maternity Africa Fund.

Donors from elsewhere and donation queries

If you would like to donate from elsewhere in the world or if you have any queries about your donation, please contact Michael Hynds, Maternity Africa’s Country Director, at

Thank you.


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