Your prayers are important to this work! If you would like pray for Maternity Africa individually or with a group, you can use the points below as a guide.

  • That each woman who visits would receive the care she needs
  • That God would bring us the right volunteers at the right time
  • That Maternity Africa will continue to provide safe maternity care, relieve the suffering of those with obstetric fistula, and be an example of the love of Jesus
  • For wisdom for each of our staff to attend to their duties with skill, care, grace and compassion
  • For the financial resources to continue this invaluable work
  • For positive working relationships with local government and local communities


Kivulini Maternity Centre

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Work at Kivulini Maternity Centre (note that Maternity Africa has zero tolerance of bribery and corruption. Please report any concerns immediately to the Country Director at

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Arusha, Tanzania

YouTube: Kivulini Maternity Centre

YouTube: Kivulini Maternity Centre

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