Many people work behind the scenes at Kivulini Maternity Centre. They all have valuable roles, making childbirth safe.  This is Thamarati.  She is a 22 years old, and is our gardener. 

When it is hot and dry, Thamarati works hard watering our plants and gardens, making the grounds pleasant for our patients to rest, relax and recuperate in.  She also spends a lot of her time weeding, and keeping the lawns, flowerbeds and hedges in good condition.

Thamarati says that she is happy doing her job, particularly when other people enjoy the lovely, clean and tidy environment that she creates.  She will continue learning about gardening, when is the best times to plant new flowers, what kinds of flowers to plant, and how to arrange them beautifully so that the gardens continue to look fantastic.

Thamarati faces challenges in her work, among them finding snakes and scorpions.  She says that the hospital makes her job a little bit easier by providing her with the tools and equipment needed to do her job properly.  Thamarati also appreciates the staff because they do not leave their trash lying around.

Thamarati says that ‘Kivulini’ means shade, which is a great place for people to shelter from the hot sun.  She keeps the grounds clean so that the hospital’s patients and their families can rest and enjoy the clean and attractive looking environment.

Thank you Thamarati.  We appreciate you and what you do to help make childbirth safe and so pleasant for our patients, visitors and staff.