Hannah is 18 years old and lives with her parents in a village on the rural outskirts of Arusha. She is the 7th of 9 children. She completed standard primary education.

Hannah is now 8 months pregnant and attended the antenatal clinic with her mum. This was not a planned pregnancy and so during the visit she was given education about the family planning services that are available to her free of charge. She was also given access to health education about the wellbeing of both her and the developing pregnancy. She has been very happy with this antenatal care and understands the importance of coming back during the pregnancy for further care before the baby is born. She plans to attend the centre to deliver her baby.

Hannah joins our teenage Programme that is funded by our partners UNITE THE WORLD WITH AFRICA and is currently being further developed through a new initiative by Beth Purvis and a family foundation, The Swallow Trust. Together we will provide safe maternity care and education in the centre and then send these young women from the poorer community’s home with a starter care pack to ensure they have some basic essential supplies. This will help to give them a good, positive start to motherhood

We are delighted that Oshumu is one of the Maternity Africa midwives involved in giving Hannah a high standard of kind, compassionate care.

Thank you to UNITE THE WORLD WITH AFRICA, BETH PURVIS and THE SWALLOW TRUST for your support and commitment in this life changing project.