Today is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

Maternity Africa employs many women across its various clinical and non-clinical departments.  We are very pleased that Zawadi is one of our valued women staff.  Zawadi is responsible for maintaining our technical and medical equipment, including  baby warmers, ultrasound scanners, autoclave sterilization machines, examination lights for operations and computer hardware. She does this by way of carefully preparing a detailed preventative maintenance schedule and, when equipment does break down, she uses her technical skills, knowledge and experience to get it repaired as quickly, efficiently and economically as possible.  That way, Maternity Africa can continue providing vital maternal healthcare to our precious patients.

Zawadi holds a Diploma in Biomedical Engineering, and a Certificate in Computer Networking.

Zawadi is an inspiration here at Maternity Africa.  We are delighted that, through her engagement in science and technology she provides a vital support service for our work.  Thank you Zawadi.