Neema’s stepfather raped her. She is only 14. She was taken to an orphanage, which took her to Kivulini Maternity Centre, 36 weeks pregnant.

Neema does not know her biological father. According to her mother, he disappeared when Neema was very young, and her mother doesn’t want to talk about him. Neema’s mother married another man. When her mother was out running her market stall, Neema’s stepfather would block Neema’s mouth and rape her. He threatened her, telling her that if she told anyone, even her mum, then he could kill her.

Sometime later, Neema (who studied at primary school) noticed her body changing. Her tummy got bigger. She was offered a pregnancy test at school and discovered that she was expecting a baby. Teachers discussed the matter with her, and she informed them about her stepfather’s attacks. Neema’s mother came to the school and found out what had happened. Neema was taken to the orphanage for her own safety. Her stepfather disappeared.

Neema delivered her baby daughter at Kivulini Maternity Centre, safely by Caesarean Section. She loves her daughter. Thanks to the generosity of some donors from Australia and the United Kingdom, Maternity Africa gave Neema a simple care pack, containing some baby clothes and diapers.

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