Nanyori is 38 years old. She comes from a village nearby, and has underlying health issues. She delivered babies six times already, although only three of them are living.

Nanyori is married, but her husband disappeared eight months ago. She heard that he is in Kenya now, working as a guard. She has no communication with him.

When her husband left, Nanyori did not realise that she was pregnant. Until then, she depended on her husband for her basic needs. She had no means to look after herself. She returned to her mother who was reliant on casual work to survive. She assisted her mother with her work, so at least she could buy something to eat.

Shortly after, Nanyori realised that she was three months pregnant.

Nanyori attended local clinics. At seven months pregnant she started experiencing abdominal pain. Someone told her that she could be cared for, free of charge at Maternity Africa’s Kivulini Maternity Centre.

Nanyori arrived at Kivulini Maternity Centre for the first time around five weeks ago, complaining of the abdominal pains. The doctor examined her, and discovered that she was carrying twins, with a high risk of miscarriage.

Nanyori was admitted to Kivulini Maternity Centre for complete bed rest under medical care. During her stay, Maternity Africa’s Social Worker and nurses discovered that she had challenging domestic circumstances, which were particularly tough at that time.

After two weeks of care, Nanyori was discharged. Maternity Africa’s Social Worker, Matron and a driver escorted her home. They soon realised how desperate Nanyori’s situation was – her husband’s relatives had taken her children, and that was making her feel depressed. She also lives in a one-room hut made from mud and grass. She has no bed, no mattress and only a cow’s hide (skin) to lie on. Maternity Africa provided her with some food to eat while waiting for the time to deliver her baby.

A few weeks later, Nanyori returned to Kivulini Maternity Centre and delivered twin girls. That made her very happy, and she said that they are her hope.

Thank you to all of Maternity Africa’s generous donors and wonderful staff who make it possible for us to care for Nanyori, and many others like her who need somewhere safe to deliver their babies, and receive the care and attention that they need.

If you would like to help Maternity Africa to care for more desperate women like Nanyori, please follow this link.

Thank you very much.

Pictured: Nanyori’s twin girls.