The rainy season (long rains) in Tanzania is usually from March to May. However, this year the rains took longer to come to Northern Tanzania, where Kivulini Maternity Centre is located. We experienced lots of heavy rain showers during May. Although it was very necessary for our neighbours’ crops to grow, it made life difficult for some people to travel around safely.

Scenes like the one shown in the picture, taken from inside a 4×4 are not uncommon. Some roads become like muddy swamps, gushing rivers or small lakes. Sadly, when that happens, many women are unable to travel safely to a health facility to give birth. They therefore deliver their babies at home, where doing so is dangerous. There may be no birth attendants round to assist them, and certainly no facilities if there is an emergency.

In spite of this, the number of deliveries at Maternity Africa in May was 119, against a target of 100. We are very thankful to the ladies who made it safely to Kivulini Maternity Centre to give birth, and also for our staff, who were able to get here in spite of the travelling challenges.

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