Zelly is the Head of our labour ward at Kivulini Maternity Centre. Affectionately, she is known by many as Mama.

Mama Zelly has been a nurse and midwife for 32 years. She has been with us at Kivulini Maternity Centre since we opened in June 2018. Before that, she worked with Maternity Africa for a number of years at nearby Selian Lutheran Hospital.

Zelly has delivered thousands of babies and trained many midwives and doctors in the skills of labour and birth.

Mama Zelly is fiercely passionate about maternal health and cares deeply for women. You’ll find her working hard in the labour ward, showing kindness to patients. She always has time to keep the team going with her smile and her laughter.

We greatly value Zelly’s years of experience and her ability to manage very difficult emergency situations that happen frequently during labour. She is an enormous blessing at Kivulini Maternity Centre. The labour ward would not be the same without her presence.

Her hands have welcomed thousands of babies into the world and led the team in saving so many lives. We look forward to celebrating the safe delivery of many more with our Mama at the helm. Thank you Mama Zelly!

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