Lydia is from central Tanzania. She suffered from obstetric fistula for 38 years.  Fistula ambassadors had discussed treatment with her for some time, but she did not agree to go for surgery.

However, in October, Maternity Africa’s fistula outreach team delivered some fistula awareness sessions, and heard about Lydia. The team visited her, and counseled her and her family. Initially, Lydia was not persuaded. On the second occasion that the team visited her, Lydia agreed to come to Kivulini Maternity Centre for treatment.

14 days after surgery, Lydia’s catheter was removed, and she was healed.

Lydia was very thankful to Maternity Africa, saying that he would go and educate her community about obstetric fistula and that it could be healed – even though she had suffered for a very long time.

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