Although Maternity Africa was founded in 2013 initially to serve patients at other hospitals, its own new 48-bed facility, Kivulini Maternity Centre opened officially on 9 June 2018. We celebrated the Centre’s first birthday on Sunday, with Arusha House Church. Patients were also invited to attend.

The day was a time of rejoicing – sharing experiences and and acknowledging God’s hand in the work. We reflected on some key milestones over the past 12 months since opening the gates to the community we serve, so that vulnerable and marginalised women can experience quality reproductive health services, free of charge.

In our first year, 1,067 women delivered their babies with us. We also performed 152 obstetric fistula and other birth injury-related operations – both metrics ahead of target. All of our inpatients had opportunities to access comprehensive family counselling and treatment too, which we also offer to the local community.

It is wonderful to see that Maternity Africa’s staff grew and developed into fully functional teams during the year, able to give high quality treatment across the range of services we provide. As a result of robust and ongoing in-house training, they also offer 24-hour life saving emergency cover.

Kivulini Maternity Centre looks ahead to its second year, trusting that we will go from strength to strength. Maternity Africa will increasingly impact for good the community that we serve.

Thank you to:

  • The women from Tanzania who trust Maternity Africa to care for them;
  • Our staff who demonstrate growth, perseverance, skill and uphold the Maternity Africa’s core values, delivering kind, compassionate care;
  • Our partners, supporters and donors who believe in Maternity Africa’s vision, endeavouring to provide fistula treatment and quality maternity care to all marginalized women throughout Africa, through clinical excellence and in the example of displaying love, kindness and compassion regardless of race, religion or ethnicity; and
  • Almighty God, for his unending faithfulness, protection and provision.

Maternity Africa looks forward to the future with hope and confidence.

If you would like to help Maternity Africa financially towards its year two goals, please feel free to follow the link below. Thank you.

Maternity Africa. Making Childbirth Safe.