Here is Irene, 25. She lives with her husband, 30. Irene works as a housewife, and her husband is a driver.

Irene arrived at Kivulini Maternity Centre a few days ago with labour contractions, and knowing that twins were on the way. She wanted to deliver them safely. Irene’s friend advised her to go to Kivulini Maternity Centre where she could deliver her baby free of charge, because she could not afford to give birth anywhere else.

Later that day, Irene delivered twin boys, one 2kg (4.4lb) and the other 1.8kg (4lb).

Irene was delighted to deliver her twin babies safely. She appreciates the good care and support provided by Maternity Africa’s nurses.

Press here to help Maternity Africa to make childbirth safe for more women like Irene. Thank you.