Some patients that Maternity Africa cares for come from particularly sad backgrounds. 

One such example was Julie, a 19 year old girl.  Julie did not even realise that she was pregnant, believing that she was still a virgin.

Julie’s parents took her to the home of a witch doctor, and left her there for several weeks.  She returned home, and shortly afterwards was sent to the city of Arusha to work as a housemaid.  However, suddenly Julie was experiencing a lot of pain.

People took Julie to a nearby health dispensary, and she discovered that she was pregnant and in labour.  She was taken quickly to Maternity Africa’s Kivulini Maternity Centre, and gave birth to a girl.

Julie was sobbing, because she does not know who her daughter’s father is – there was a number of men at the witch doctor’s house.  The men used to give her some medicine that put her to sleep, and when she awoke she found her whole body in pain.

Maternity Africa is delighted to help Julie, and many other vulnerable women and girls like her who experience tragic personal circumstances. With Maternity Africa they can deliver their babies safely, with kindness and compassion, and, for teenagers like Julie, some much needed support.

If you would like to help Maternity Africa to make childbirth safe for women and girls like Julie, please follow the link below.  Thank you!