During a recent fistula outreach trip, Maternity Africa’s fistula team stopped by to follow up with some former patients. Catherine is one, who was treated and cured. While she was with us at Kivulini Maternity Centre, she demonstrated an eagerness and ability to set up and manager her own small business so that she could help to support herself and her family financially after being discharged.

While with us, she learned how to make mandazi (a popular snack that would sell well in her village) and some basic business skills. On discharge, Maternity Africa provided her with a customised business starter pack, containing enough items to launch her small business successfully.

Catherine generates a profit that is equivalent to USD 13 (TZS 30,000, GBP 10) every week from her new business. This helps towards buying food for her family, paying for school fees and meeting other needs. Congratulations Catherine!

A simple start-up package for a small business like Catherine’s costs around USD 25 (GBP 20). If you would like to support Maternity Africa to help people like Catherine to restore their dignity and become more financially self-sufficient after surgery, please follow this link. Thank you.