Over the last year the team in Kivulini have become very experienced in giving emergency obstetric care.

We have learned together how to organize urgent emergencies and have put into place lifesaving procedures that are defining the high standard of care within the centre.

Many mothers and babies are alive because of the training, commitment and hard work of our staff who are able to perform under extremely stressful circumstances

Last week this little boy was delivered by C-section after an emergency called a cord prolapse. This results in the oxygen supply being cut off to the baby and without immediate intervention is fatal

In this case, this baby was deliver at 1.7KG and admitted to our neonatal unit for further specialized care. He has been under observation over the last week and we are delighted with his progress and now he is weighing in at 1.9 KG. Once he hits 2KGs he will be going home with his mum, Esther

Another great reason to celebrate with us here in Maternity Africa