“Sub-Saharan Africa’s health challenges are numerous and wide-ranging. Most sub-Saharan countries face a double burden of traditional, persisting health challenges, such as infectious diseases, malnutrition, and child and maternal mortality, and emerging challenges from an increasing prevalence of chronic conditions, mental health disorders, injuries, and health problems related to climate change and environmental degradation. Although there has been real progress on many health indicators, life expectancy and most population health indicators remain behind most low-income and middle-income countries in other parts of the world.” (Source: The Lancet).

Like elsewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa, many people in Tanzania make poor maternal health choices merely because they lack sufficient basic education.  This often leads to poor health outcomes, including early pregnancy, and contracting HIV / AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

At the invitation of Avant Ministries, Maternity Africa’s outreach team recently traveled to Sikonge, Tabora Region, to host three days of basic training. This event educated women on:

  • Hygiene;
  • Sexual and reproductive health;
  • Sexually transmitted infections;
  • Antenatal and postnatal health;
  • Nutrition for pregnant mothers and babies;
  • Neonatal care; and
  • Family planning.

Maternity Africa expected 40-60 women to participate in each day’s programme.  However,

  • 85 women attended on the first day;
  • 92 women attended on the second day; and
  • On the third day, seven community facilitators attended more focused training, learning how best to share the messages amongst their communities, helping to make the simple programme more sustainable.  The intention is that this smaller group of women will travel to Maternity Africa’s Kivulini Maternity Centre for several days of more in-depth training.

In addition, some men attended separate seminars on related topics.

If you would like to support Maternity Africa’s vital maternal healthcare work in Tanzania, then please follow this link. Thank you.