Last week at Kivulini Maternity Centre, we hosted our last fistula camp of 2019. Following an intensive outreach programme that covered 1,914 kilometers, our outreach team identified 31 ladies suffering from debilitating obstetric fistula and other birth-induced injuries.

Dr Andrew Browning arrived from Australia and, working with our highly skilled team, started an intensive five days of operations. In total, 28 of the 31 ladies underwent life-changing surgery.

This brought the total number of surgeries on-site during 2019 to 136.

During the week we were delighted also to launch our “Under the tree” project. Our team developed this programme over the past year, and offers a safe place for our patients to reclaim their sense of wholeness, self-worth and belonging.

A team of seven trained counselors from our staff designed and implemented an education and empowerment programme. Every afternoon the ladies meet “under their tree” to explore a range of emotional, psychological and spiritual needs. They also enjoy some skills training to support economic empowerment following their return to their communities.

It has been a wonderful few weeks. We are so delighted to see how the ladies have grown so much together and how much joy, hope and singing flows through them.

Thank you to our wonderful team here at Kivulini Maternity Centre. You truly demonstrate kind and compassionate care to these beautiful ladies.

Thank you again to all our donors, supporters and partners for joining us on this incredible life changing journey.

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