World Prematurity Day is an occasion to highlight the huge weight of death, incapacity, pain, and suffering that preterm birth causes. Premature birth is an intense medical condition, and is the main source of death in children younger than five years around the world.

Part of the solution to premature birth includes:

  • Essential care during labour
  • Essential care during the postnatal period for each mother and infant
  • Arrangement of antenatal steroid infusions (given to pregnant ladies in danger of preterm labor and under set standards to reinforce the infants’ lungs)
  • Kangaroo mother care (the infant is conveyed by the mother with skin-to-skin contact and regular breastfeeding)
  • Antibiotic to treat infant infections
  • Continuing the midwifery settings where there are powerful maternity care administrations has been appeared to decrease the danger of prematurity by around 24%
  • A healthy pregnancy
  • Quality consideration previously, between, and during pregnancies will help to ensure that all ladies have a positive pregnancy experience.

Maternity Africa seeks to reduce the occurrence at Kivulini Maternity Centre. One cause of babies being born preterm is multiple births. In June, one of Maternity Africa’s patients safely delivered triplets (pictured), born several weeks prematurely. You can read more about Mary’s story here.

If you would like to help Maternity Africa provide to reduce the risk of premature births, please donate here. Thank you!

(For more information on World Prematurity Day, please follow this link).