Since yesterday evening, six babies were delivered safely at Kivulini Maternity Centre – including three births by emergency Caesarean Section (one baby was premature, another had sepsis and another was born as the placenta was passed simultaneously). Some of the babies and their mothers were very sick (one mama lost two litres of blood), with some new-born babies requiring resuscitation and all six needing oxygen.

Dr Francis (pictured) was in charge last night, and performed all of the emergency operations. We are so grateful to him his skillful team, who now have the babies safely in our Neotatal Care Unit – they and their mothers are recovering well.

As Mother’s Day approaches in the UK this weekend, you can still give to our Mother’s Day Appeal. That way, you can join Dr Francis and his team, making childbirth safe. Thank you!

A gift of £15 helps to provide for a normal birth.

A gift of £25 helps to save a life by emergency Caesarean Section.

A gift of £50 helps to care for a sick baby in our high dependency unit.

A gift of £100 helps to buy 15 delivery packs – essential items needed for the safe delivery of 15 babies.

Thank you very much for your care, kindness and generosity.

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