Here in Kivulini, one of our goals is for staff within the centre to be the best they can be. We continue to make staff development a priority through an in-house training programme for both clinical and administrative staff. The clinical training has been part of the ongoing development of those working in the clinical areas and started with the first 6-week orientation programme prior to the opening. This ensures a high standard of care of all the women and babies that access care here. We are not only concerned with the physical care of the vulnerable patients we serve but with their holistic care and endeavor to look after their emotional, psychological and spiritual needs as well.

We have also now started an in-house leadership training programme that encourages our administrative staff to grow professionally and enhance their own potential through awareness and skills training.

It’s so encouraging to see not only individual growth, but a strong culture of team work emerging as this project moves into our second year of operations.

Here is one of the training sessions that Kivulini has made a priority. Staff were chosen from the multi-disciplinary team to participate in a week long counselling training course. In this group was 2 midwives, a social worker, a cook and a receptionist. There is potential in everyone. Our job is to find it!