This is Beauty. Beauty is 22 years old, and works at Kivulini Maternity Centre as a nurse / midwife. She joined Maternity Africa in April 2018 – her first job after being a student.

Beauty recently finished a busy nightshift at 7am on the maternity ward. However, the hospital was very busy, with a fistula camp underway. Beauty asked the Clinical Lead if she could come back early, during her time off, to assist with screening and assessing the fistula patients in preparation for their surgeries. Beauty wanted to help the patients, and learn how to flex her roles between the fistula and maternity departments. She also wanted to develop her knowledge, skills, experience and confidence, to help with her own personal development.

The Clinical Lead agreed and, after going home for a short period of rest, Beauty returned to the wards at 2pm. She greatly assisted the Clinical Lead. Beauty says that she benefited most from the Clinical lead’s teaching: how to screen and assess a fistula patient regarding the nature of her surgery.

Beauty states, “The best aspect about working for Maternity Africa is the love and kindness among the staff. I have never met anyone who makes me feel like going away.”

Thank you Beauty for going beyond the call of duty. We appreciate you. Thank you for your valuable role, making childbirth safe.

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