Youth on a mission

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As Maternity Africa grows, we are invested in supporting and forming partnerships with other organizations who also are involved in serving the same community as we do. In December, we had a group of 16 teenagers come for the day from the Girls Foundation of Tanzania. These young women between the ages of 14-20 have grown up in poorer communities and have been selected to be supported through school and secondary education.

The aim of the visit was to expose the girls to the different professionals that form a team and run a health facility. Different clinical and business staff gave short presentations on their jobs. There was a time for questions and a tour of the centre.

It was a delight to see how the girls were really interested in learning and gaining so much knowledge. They are excited to be youth advocates in their communities, taking the message on the importance of accessing care during pregnancy and childbirth. They will also share knowledge of the free services which are available at Kivulini. In January a group of the girls will come to Kivulini for a period of 6 weeks to observe the work in different departments so that they will have more insight into making choices for their future careers.

Many thanks to the supporters of the  Ben McDonald: “Make every moment matter” fund who sponsored the day.



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