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by | Oct 31, 2018 | Story | 4 comments

Last Sunday a very enthusiastic team from the youth rotary group, Rotaract ( Arusha) came to meet with the 27  fistula patients in Kivulini who were here for the 3rd fistula camp of 2018.

The plan was for Rotaract to meet with patients from across rural Tanzania to learn about fistula and how it had directly affected their lives. Based on this, Rotaract will develop a signature fistula project for the coming year with the aim to empower these women and contribute to their wellbeing whilst in the centre and when they return to their communities.

We are delighted with this new initiative and the way in which both groups bonded. This was achieved by the fistula women having their nails painted by the group- it even including the men. It was an afternoon full of fun, laughter and storytelling. The fistula women were delighted to be appreciated and listened to. We look forward to this project developing in the near future and extend our appreciation to the fantastic,compassionate team from Rotaract.


  1. Ellie

    What a lovely bonding session!

  2. Beverley Defty

    Mauve nail polish seems to be the most popular colour. It is good that both groups are looking forward to the project developing

  3. Eric Emmanuel

    Very well done President Nancy, Suzy and team.

    Applauding you for being the Inspiration in Arusha.

  4. Jackiss Chiggs

    Lovely! I’m really happy of the new partnership. Looking forward to more projects


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