We are celebrating Ben McDonald’s life here in Kivulini Maternity Hospital,¬†Arusha. Ben represents living life to the full for us who were privileged to be part of his journey, from the beginning until he crossed the finishing line and we are determined that his beautiful heart will touch the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable women and babies from rural Tanzania, who we serve with free healthcare here at¬† the Kivulini Maternity Centre. That would make him smile.

We are grateful to the beautiful McDonald family for choosing us to hold a banner high in his memory. We are going to do this along with the family with integrity, joy and bring hope to so many lives on this new journey we share.

Thank You from us all

Jude Holden and the Team

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  1. Michael

    It is very beautiful to remember Ben in this way. It was a pleasure to meet Paul and Ruth (Ben’s parents) when Maria and I were at Kivulini recently. Thank you for sharing such a lovely and fitting tribute Jude.

  2. Ivan Mwaluko

    I was dreaming to work with you! Congratulations for what you archievd!


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