The Afar Pastoral Development Association in partnership with Maternity Africa ( is seeking an experienced obstetrician to staff a small 20 bed obstetric unit in the desert area of Ethiopia. ‘The Barbara May Memorial Hospital’ is the only centre offering emergency obstetric care for some 500,000 nomadic desert people. Most women come needing life saving intervention.

Your duties would be to lead a small team of midwives in running the obstetric and gynaecology services.

If you are interested please contact Dr Andrew Browning

Generally we are seeking volunteer midwives and obstetricians to come to Ethiopia and Tanzania for periods of approximately 4 months, longer if possible. The applicant doctor needs to have a post-graduate qualification in obstetrics and gynaecology; the midwife applicant must have qualifications in midwifery and at least two years clinical experience prior to placement.

The volunteers will be responsible for running the service at their assigned site. They will help support referral networks based on communication, education and transport for high risk women, and those facing complications during labour.



They will also need to train local health workers – including midwives, nurses, health officers and doctors – to increase their understanding and to proficiently perform emergency obstetric interventions.

Currently, all positions are self funded. Accommodation is provided at each hospital site. If volunteers come for periods of longer than 12 months, additional support can be provided.