Veronica’s Interview

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Veronica came to Kivulini to have her twins as she had no other means of accessing maternity care. Her twins were born prematurely and one was too sick to survive. The other was given quality care in our partner neonatal project at ALMC for 3 weeks and then here for 10 days before being discharged well and fully breastfed. A wonderful success story. Thank you to all the staff for the compassionate care-it is saving lives. 

Below is a transcript of a short interview that Veronica did before getting discharged from the Kivulini Maternity Centre.


Qn: Why did you decide to come to Kivulini?

Answer: Because I do not have money to pay for maternity services at other clinics.

Qn: How did you find our services?

Answer: I am glad I came here because if not for the the good services I would probably lose both twins. I am grateful one survived.

Qn: What can you say about the staff who were taking care of you? Were you fully satisfied?

Answer: The service is great! I have been well taken care of together with my baby.

Qn: Are you looking forward to going home?

Answer: Yes I am.

Qn: Do you have anything else to say?

Answer: I am just so thankful!


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