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Outreach is tough. Lucas travels for miles around the country searching for women hidden away, ashamed because they smell so bad, suffering from the debilitating condition, obstetric fistula. In one village Lucas had been giving education regarding fistula, then asked if they knew of anyone with this condition. ‘Hapana, Hapana, Hapana’ (No, no, no) the villagers shook their heads. Then one lady stumbled up to Lucas, quite tipsy having over imbibed ‘I know a girl like that!’ she slurred. ‘She’s hidden in that hut over there!’ Sure enough when Lucas asked permission to go in, there on the floor was Shirima. She had been there for 8 months since her tragic delivery of her stillborn child. After long conversations with her family, Shirima came to Maternity Africa and was operated on by Dr. Andrew and and after a long convalescence, was healed!

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  1. Rodrick Lyimo

    wow! this is something very good. Your helping women and girls with fistula problem, I’would like to congratulate you for this good endeavor. God bless you maternity Africa .


    I’ would like to congratulate you Maternity Africa for all endeavors your doing to help Girls and Women across Africa and especial Tanzania. Your doing such a great job which i’ am sure it is planting a seed of success for Maternity Africa and all Women’s around the world. Maternity Africa your the Best and i’ will continue praying for you so that you can be able to continue doing this holy job and i’ am sure that God will pay you abundantly.

  3. Beverley Defty

    I am always moved to tears when I read of such girls as Shirima. What a wonderful outcome

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