Zawadi Bendera is our young engineer who is responsible for the installation and care of our biomedical equipment as well as for vital parts of our infrastructure including the equipment that provides our water and electricity supply.
In addition to her direct role, Zawadi is setting an example to other young women in Tanzania that they can aspire to a career that many have judged to be solely in the male domain and that they too can take control of their lives – she is “Shaking the Tree”.
Follow the link below and take a look at the short video of her story – click the arrow on the picture of Kivulini.

Shaking the Tree

To help Zawadi in her challenging role, we have embarked on a program of advanced training and work experience for her and this month we are seeking help to fund this work.
If you feel able to contribute then we would be immensely grateful (details can be found at the link above), but more importantly please forward this message or share the link with your friends and family.