This is Rehema, forty years old and the third of three wives. Her husband is 70 years old. She lives around 120 kilometres from Maternity Africa’s Kivulini Maternity Centre, and decided to come here to have her baby because she heard that it is a safe place to deliver.

When Rehema arrived at Kivulini Maternity Centre, its doctors discovered that she had low hemoglobin, and it was not safe for her to return home. She was admitted to the hospital to wait for her delivery.

Rehema safely delivered a baby girl (4.5 kg). It was not an easy delivery for her. However, with the help of Maternity Africa’s midwives, she was able to hold her healthy baby.

Rehema now has six children and only one is a boy.

Maternity Africa’s midwives discussed family planning options with Rehema, but she did not want to avail of any treatment at this time, which was the first time she had heard of family planning. Rehema also said that, because she has only one boy and her culture wants families to have many boys to inherit the parents’ property she wishes to continue trying for a boy.

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