Pendo has spent a number of months with us in the ward at Selian, recovering from her neurosurgery and the removal of the brain tumor,that was so debilitating for her, and awaiting the birth of her baby. Her Mum has been her constant companion, as despite a small improvement of her sight initially, post surgery, she remains blind. However, she has recovered full mobility, is totally conscious and has had no more seizures. . Such a blessing!
Maternity Africa has been able to provide food for her and her Mum, from our patient fund while they have been waiting.
On Monday the team was set for her to have her much anticipated Caesearn Section. Namnayaki, our head midwife prepared her for theatre. Pendo does not speak Swahili, only Masaai, so Namnyaki was able to allay her fears in her mother tongue.
A gorgeous little baby girl was safely delivered and there was great joy all round.
Two days into motherhood, and Pendo is bright and happy. Little one is feeding well and now the preparation for returning home begins.
Pendo’s smiles and enthusiasm, despite her challenges have been such a blessing to all of us in the Maternity Unit, how we will miss her. But pray God’s blessing on her and her daughter as they go to begin life with their own community.