Maternity Africa hit a new record of 231 deliveries in May 2020 – almost double the number in May 2019 (119) and over 60 more than last month (169). This indicates the huge and immense effort from all of Maternity Africa’s dedicated staff, even with all of the social distancing and extra hygiene measures now in place at Kivulini Maternity Centre.

Pictured is Rachel. Her baby marked May’s milestone delivery number 200. Rachels is 17, and had a challenging delivery because her baby had its umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. Maternity Africa’s able nurses supported Rachel, and her baby was born safely.

Thank you to all of Maternity Africa’s dedicated, caring and professional staff who make childbirth safe for a growing number of women and girls in Northern Tanzania. You do great!

To help Maternity Africa make childbirth safe for even more women and girls like Rachel, please follow this link: Thank you.