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Neema came to us 2 years ago in a dreadful state. She had recently been in labour for 4 days and went for a caesarean at a rural hospital where she delivered a dead baby boy. When she arrived she was weak, couldn’t walk unaided and was leaking urine and faeces from two fistulae in her birth canal. Indeed most of her birth canal was dead tissue which needed to be cleaned.
We eventually repaired her fistula, she was cured of her fistula to her bowel but despite her bladder fistula being closed she was still wet. Most of her bladder had been destroyed as well as the muscles that normally hold the urine in. She returned to us 2 months ago, still wet and her birth canal was all but non-existent. We performed the new operation to make a new urethra and birth canal that Maternity Africa staff have been working on. She ended up being completely cured- a miracle indeed. She is extremely happy and is giving thanks to God

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  1. Anonymous

    What a wonderful outcome. How thankful she must be,
    Will she be able to have another child or would it be too dangerous for her?

    • Anonymous

      Sometimes after fistula repair, women have difficulty conceiving a baby. When they do get pregnant after suffering a fistula, we always recommend a C/S for the next delivery to avoid putting pressure on the area that has been repaired.

  2. Anonymous

    Great! Fistula is still a problem in many of mothers during delivery, the story tells us that Neema had C/S after 4days of labor, which she lost her baby boy and had fistula as well. Lesson to learn, those who performs C/S and those who were conducting that labor had unnecessary delay in performing C/S

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