Neema is 20 years old and was very ill.  Three days ago, Flying Medical Service ( flew her on a small plane for treatment at Maternity Africa’s Kivulini Maternity Centre. She comes from a remote district some distance away in the Maasai land. 

Neema’s husband has two wives.  Neema has three children, and her husband’s other wife has four.  They do not have a job, and any money they earn is from pastoralist farming.

The family has a hard life, with no health service in their area and no markets locally even to buy food.

Neema became pregnant a few months ago.  She was in pain, and there was no medical centre in her village to care for her.  After being pregnant for six months, Neema developed labour pains that lasted for several days.

Neema told her husband about the pain she was experiencing.  After three days she gave birth prematurely to a baby girl, weighing only 1.5 kg (3.3 lb).  The little girl needed medical help to survive.  So, her husband contacted Flying Medical Services, based at Arusha Airport. 

Flying Medical Services flew out and collected Neema and her small baby.  After returning to Arusha, they travelled to Maternity Africa’s hospital, which is only 6 km (less than 4 miles) away by 4×4.

Neema is recovering well now.  Her small daughter is also drinking milk too.

Neema says that she is thankful to Almighty God for the help and support she is receiving from Maternity Africa.

If you would also like to help Maternity Africa to care for people like Neema, please follow the link below.  Thank you.