Faraja, David and Reuben are students of pharmacy at Decca College of Health and Allied Sciences (DECOHAS), located in Dodoma, the capital city of Tanzania. They spent six weeks on placement at Maternity Africa’s pharmacy, part of the Kivulini Maternity Centre complex.

Aspiring to be hospital pharmacists, they learned many practical skills during their time with us. These included dispensing medicines, supplying medicines, and controlling and managing medicines – including controlled drugs, and those dispensed by prescription only. They also learned about sources of fire and fire prevention in a live hospital setting, as well as about wider issues such as caring for and treating fistula patients, during our camp in March.

The gentlemen commented that Maternity Africa provides excellent patient services. They particularly appreciated Deo, our Pharmacy Supervisor (pictured second right) for the knowledge, skills and ideas that he shared with them.

Maternity Africa is delighted that Faraja, David and Reuben were on site, developing their knowledge, skills, experience, competence and confidence.

Thank you gentlemen.

When you finish your studies, you can also play your vital roles, making childbirth safe.