Kivulini is a Swahili word meaning ‘shade’ – and this is what we hope to offer the women and children who come to us. The centre will specialise in offering excellent obstetric care for the region’s poorest residents, while providing a model environment for experienced and trainee midwives to enhance their skills. The complex includes 44 beds, a dedicated skills lab and staff hostel, fistula surgery, waiting areas and a café for patients.

What the Kivulini Maternity Centre means to Naomi

Naomi has had  6 pregnancies, 4 live children, her last baby was born dead. She lives in a remote Maasai Village where all of her previous deliveries had occurred. She was presented to Kivulini, in false labour with baby number 6. Today,  That same...

Obstructed labor story

Mama Mbabakwini arrived at Kivulini after being in obstructed labour for 2 days - trying desperately to deliver her 5th baby in her Maasai Village. The baby was still alive ...just...      ( most babies can only survive the ordeal of an obstructed labour...

Baby number 100 arrives at Kivulini center!

Baby 100 arrives at Kivulini. An amazing Milestone in the last 10 weeks since our opening. Agatha's baby represents the 100th safe birth at Kivulini. Zero neonatal deaths and zero maternal deaths. Mama Agatha with her baby

Our Second Fistula Camp

The ladies have arrived for second fistula camp at Kivulini. While they are waiting for surgery they enjoyed the craft activity of braiding wool. The braided wool is then cut Into short lengths, stitched and used as an identification bracelet for the...


Since Kivulini maternity Centre opened, we have delivered 82 babies. Several of these newborns have required more intensive transitional care. This requires a well-trained team of clinicians-both midwives and doctors who have the confidence and ability to recognize...

First baby born in August

Ruth was born in a poor family in 1988. She didn’t have a primary education. When she was young, she was encouraged to make money for the family by selling tomatoes. She was married when she was 25 years old and had 2 children already who were both born inGovernment...

Maternity Africa Staff gives birth at our clinic

My name is Gloria Mayunga,  I am a midwife at Kivulini Maternity Centre where I started working on the 9th of April this year. I was already pregnant at this time. I love working with the team here as it is so lovely and cooperative. Today I am so grateful and...

Operations underway!

Kivulini Maternity Centre is now open and we have been delighted to have delivered our first 10 babies As we reach the communities around the Centre, we continue to seek those women who most need help in gaining good antenatal, delivery and postnatal care when they...

Kivulini Maternity Centre grand opening

  We are delighted to announce that The Kivulini Maternity Centre opened on the 9th of June 2018. 320 guests joined with the guest of honour, Dr Faustino Ndugulile, Deputy Minister of Health and other distinguished guests to celebrate a day full of joy and hope for...

Our Staff Arrive – Our Family Begins

We are excited to finally be welcoming our hospital staff to Kivulini Maternity Centre and have spent the last two weeks conducting orientation and education sessions. Day one commenced with a welcome speech by Professor Wilfred Mlay highlighting Maternity Africa's...

Eye in the sky

Last week, this photo of Kivulini Maternity Centre was taken from the air. It was so incredible to have a bird’s eye view of our project. It’s a real encouragement to see how far it has come over these last few years and to know that the construction part is almost...

Re- Joyce!

Joyce is a 24 year old lady who did all the right things during her labour, got her regular antenatal checks and then went to a hospital for her delivery. However, she stayed in labour at the hospital far too long and eventually was taken for a caesarean section. The...


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