We are now officially open. Welcome to Kivulini Maternity Centre.


Operations underway!

Kivulini Maternity Centre is now open and we have been delighted to have delivered our first 10 babies

As we reach the communities around the Centre, we continue to seek those women who most need help in gaining good antenatal, delivery and postnatal care when they are at their most vulnerable. Those without a stable income and who are most vulnerable and unable to easily access reproductive health care services which are vital to ensure a reduction in both maternal mortality and morbidity.

Thank you to all our donors and staff for giving us such a good start.



(Photo  by Quentin Danel)


Kivulini Maternity Centre grand opening


We are delighted to announce that The Kivulini Maternity Centre opened on the 9th of June 2018.

320 guests joined with the guest of honour, Dr Faustino Ndugulile, Deputy Minister of Health and other distinguished guests to celebrate a day full of joy and hope for the poorest and most vulnerable women and babies that will be served by the Centre.

We have now opened our doors to women suffering from the debilitating condition of obstetric fistula, pregnant women and those seeking family planning services.

Last week, Dr Andrew Browning, our founder and C.E.O arrived from Sydney, Australia and led a clinical team who performed 26 fistula and related birth injuries surgeries. We also delivered our first 4 babies.


Dr Andrew Browning shares the vision and mission of the Centre. He quoted Micah 6:8 ” And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and love mercy and walk humbly with your God.”



Judith Holden, Country Director takes official guests on tour of the facility


Katie Christie the founding midwife during her speech in the opening ceremony.


Fistula patients share in the celebration and blessed the audience by singing


Lives turned around

Our Staff Arrive – Our Family Begins

We are excited to finally be welcoming our hospital staff to Kivulini Maternity Centre and have spent the last two weeks conducting orientation and education sessions. Day one commenced with a welcome speech by Professor Wilfred Mlay highlighting Maternity Africa’s Vision, Mission and Core Values of

  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Clinical Excellence
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Justice for the poor
  • Human Dignity

In addition to orientation topics and medical skills training we have all been having great fun with team building activities We began with 75 individuals from all over Tanzania and now there is a sincere sense of a family developing as we all come together to start planning for our hospital opening in just a few short weeks.

Eye in the sky

Last week, this photo of Kivulini Maternity Centre was taken from the air. It was so incredible to have a bird’s eye view of our project. It’s a real encouragement to see how far it has come over these last few years and to know that the construction part is almost complete.

It also serves as a reminder that we are a gateway of hope into the rural community around us, and that we are well placed to serve the poorest and most vulnerable women in this district.

The centre is buzzing with builders and craftsmen and the landscaping is well under way

The national and international team continue to grow and work tirelessly to ensure all systems are in place to ensure a safe and secure environment is in place before we open our doors in May

The staff residency – yellow building at the back of the centre for international volunteers became a home for 5 of us last month, with 2 more joining us this week. We have a wonderful view over Mount Meru

In April we will have a month of orientation for our national team –a great opportunity to get to know one another and form the foundation on which to build this incredible project of hope

As the construction comes to an end, we want to thank acknowledge the pioneers of this vision, and the those that have persevered to make it a reality.  Dr Andrew Browning, Katie Christie, Lucas Toroya, Paul Chinn, Babette Gallard and Anna Boyd

Bring on May

Jude Holden

Country Director

Putting Them Straight

Zawadi directs the crane driver to align the containers which will provide us with dry storage but will also be the home of our main maintenance workshop and the location of our solar battery bank.

The solar installation will be built above the containers and will we hope grow from an initial 32 panels to the 160 that will enable Kivulini to be immune to external power uncertainties and make a dramatic reduction in our environmental footprint and make excellent sense in reducing our long term electricity bills.

Our Baby Gets a Name

The external paint work is nearly complete and so we can at last give Kivulini her official name.



Shaking the Tree

Zawadi Bendera is our young engineer who is responsible for the installation and care of our biomedical equipment as well as for vital parts of our infrastructure including the equipment that provides our water and electricity supply.
In addition to her direct role, Zawadi is setting an example to other young women in Tanzania that they can aspire to a career that many have judged to be solely in the male domain and that they too can take control of their lives – she is “Shaking the Tree”.
Follow the link below and take a look at the short video of her story – click the arrow on the picture of Kivulini.

Shaking the Tree

To help Zawadi in her challenging role, we have embarked on a program of advanced training and work experience for her and this month we are seeking help to fund this work.
If you feel able to contribute then we would be immensely grateful (details can be found at the link above), but more importantly please forward this message or share the link with your friends and family.

The Hostel Gets a Roof

In addition to directly serving Tanzanian mothers, Kivulini will provide advanced midwifery training courses.  The hostel will accommodate 8 trainees during their 6 week course.


After what feels like an eternity of foundation work, this week the team have started on laying the blocks that will form the walls to Kivulini Maternity Centre.

Let there be light

Electricity arrives at Kivulini.