Kivulini is a Swahili word meaning ‘shade’ – and this is what we hope to offer the women and children who come to us. The centre will specialise in offering excellent obstetric care for the region’s poorest residents, while providing a model environment for experienced and trainee midwives to enhance their skills. The complex includes 44 beds, a dedicated skills lab and staff hostel, fistula surgery, waiting areas and a café for patients.

Jason Leaving

This weekend marks the departure of Dr Jason ,his wife Xiao and their little girl Xaiya. They have been with us for the last 10 months and in this time Jason has been part of the team  developing and teaching our 2 months orientation programme ,updating  policies and...

A visit from the Australian High Commission

On Friday, we had the  honor of having the Australian High Commissioner Alison Chartres and her colleague Maggie Nunan visit Kivulini Maternity Centre. They were introduced to a number of our Australian volunteers and midwife lead, Karenna Shaw who led a tour of the...

MA and ROTARACT Arusha

Last Sunday a very enthusiastic team from the youth rotary group, Rotaract ( Arusha) came to meet with the 27  fistula patients in Kivulini who were here for the 3rd fistula camp of 2018. The plan was for Rotaract to meet with patients from across rural Tanzania to...

Unexpected Arrival

Maria arrived at the labour ward in a wheelchair,  very distressed and in active labour, ready to push. The Midwives had no obstetric  history on the mother. Mama was assisted onto the delivery bed and stated she needed to push. She quickly progressed to a...

Bibi’s life restored!

The beautiful smile on this  BiBi’s face tells the story of hope and restoration. BiBi had suffered the debilitating and painful condition of a prolapsed uterus, for many years. Now she is healed after a successful surgery. Sharing this special day with  Bibi is our...

Ben McDonald

We are celebrating Ben McDonald's life here in Kivulini Maternity Hospital, Arusha. Ben represents living life to the full for us who were privileged to be part of his journey, from the beginning until he crossed the finishing line and we are determined that his...

Fistula Conquered

 Neema is 23 years old expecting her 3rd baby. Neema experienced obstructed labour during the difficult birth of her first baby. The baby girl was born alive but the long delivery left Neema with an obstetric fistula. Soon after Neema was pregnant again with her...

Meet Christina

Christina joined Maternity Africa April 2018 as part of the team of three cooks responsible for the catering needs of all the patients and the staff at the centre. Christina is originally from a rural area within Manyara and has been in the catering...

What the Kivulini Maternity Centre means to Naomi

Naomi has had  6 pregnancies, 4 live children, her last baby was born dead. She lives in a remote Maasai Village where all of her previous deliveries had occurred. She was presented to Kivulini, in false labour with baby number 6. Today,  That same...

Obstructed labor story

Mama Mbabakwini arrived at Kivulini after being in obstructed labour for 2 days - trying desperately to deliver her 5th baby in her Maasai Village. The baby was still alive ...just...      ( most babies can only survive the ordeal of an obstructed labour...

Baby number 100 arrives at Kivulini center!

Baby 100 arrives at Kivulini. An amazing Milestone in the last 10 weeks since our opening. Agatha's baby represents the 100th safe birth at Kivulini. Zero neonatal deaths and zero maternal deaths. Mama Agatha with her baby

Our Second Fistula Camp

The ladies have arrived for second fistula camp at Kivulini. While they are waiting for surgery they enjoyed the craft activity of braiding wool. The braided wool is then cut Into short lengths, stitched and used as an identification bracelet for the...


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