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Maternity Africa’s Kivulini Maternity Centre is located in rural Northern Tanzania, near the city of Arusha. Since ofifically opening in June 2018, the centre has provided a spectrum of quality, evidence-based maternal healthcare services. These include antenatal care, intrapartum care, postnatal care, comprehensive family planning counselling and treatment and 24-hour Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care (CEmONC).

At Kivulini Maternity Centre, Maternity Africa also provides surgery for women suffering from obstetric fistula and other birth-induced injuries.

The Centre is equipped with its own laboratory, theatre, pharmacy, wards accommodating up to 56 beds, administrative offices and staff accommodations.

Thanks to the kindness of Maternity Africa’s generous donors, all of the services are provided free of charge to the vulnerable and marginalised women and girls of childbearing age treated at Kivulini Maternity Centre.

Check out some of the latest stories from Kivulini Maternity Centre below.


Valuable interactive skills training

Valuable interactive skills training

Maternity Africa is currently working with its clinical staff to update their practical skills. We recently hired two midwife-mentors, and Sister Marianne from the Netherlands joined us earlier this month. She is training our own people and will develop a training...

Fistula screening trip underway

Fistula screening trip underway

Maternity Africa's fistula screening team is currently in Dodoma Region, identifying fistula patients in rural areas up to 500km from Kivulini Maternity Centre. The team's work includes conducting awareness training about obstetric fistula, and informing people that...

2,629 deliveries in 2021, up 10% on 2020

2,629 deliveries in 2021, up 10% on 2020

Maternity Africa is thankful to God, its donors, staff and patients for tremendous outcomes in 2021. The number of deliveries, 2,629, increased by 10% from 2020 (2,399), 72% higher than in 2019 (1,531), the first full year of activity at Kivulini Maternity Centre....

Jane, 15

Jane, 15

Jane (not her real name) is 15 years old, the eldest of three children.  She was attending secondary school.  Her parents divorced because of family conflicts.  Jane thinks it is because her father often got very drunk.  Whenever he gets money he...

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