Meet Janeth, 42 years old. She is a mother of five, aged 17, 12, 5, and newborn twins. She lives in a single room with her husband and all the children. There is one bed. The children sleep on the floor.

Janeth attended Kivulini Maternity Centre for antenatal care. When she experienced abdominal pain she returned to the Centre. Following a medical examination, the Centre admitted her for ongoing monitoring. Six days later, Janeth experienced sharp labour pains and had to deliver. She gave birth prematurely to twins, one weighing 1.5kg, and the other only 1.4kg.

Maternity Africa placed the twins in its in-house Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Janeth had some health complications, and could not breastfeed them. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we fed the babies with some powdered milk formula.

Janeth’s babies thrived, and, on discharge, they weighed 1.9kg and 2.0kg.

Maternity Africa also provided Janeth with an additional care pack containing a selection of basic household goods and foods. We also put her in touch with another organisation that provides the powdered milk formula, because Janeth cannot afford to buy it herself.

As always, we are ever grateful to Maternity Africa’s donors, who enable Maternity Africa to provide good care for destitute mothers like Janeth. You can also help by following this link. Thank you.