Sarah is 19.  Her father has two wives and she is the sixth of seven children.  She was fortunate to study up to seventh grade but failed her exams, so she got married.  Sarah’s husband owns a small shop and from his small income they are able to care for themselves.

Sarah became pregnant and attended a local health facility.  However, because it was her first baby they told her to go to Maternity Africa’s Kivulini Maternity Centre to give birth.  When she started having contractions, she travelled by taxi to Kivulini. 

Sarah was found to have a breech presentation, which can be life theatening for a baby.  She was well advanced in her labour and, at 35 weeks, gave birth to a baby boy who weighed only 2,140g (not much more than 4.5lb).

The baby required specalised care in Maternity Africa’s neonatal unit, provided by a small team of trained midwives who offered assistance with breastfeeding feeding, close observation, and ‘kangaroo care’.

Sarah is so happy to have a baby that is alive.  She is grateful that Maternity Africa cared for her.

Maternity Africa provides care free of charge, so that those who need it most can have it.  Maternity Africa relies on generous donations from its kind supporters. Why not help more people like Sarah and their babies this Giving Tuesday? – Thank you!