Get your friends and family involved by hosting a fundraising event! Please contact us for guidance on setting up a successful event and donating the proceeds to Maternity Africa.

In following a Christian ethic, please make sure that all fundraising events on behalf of Maternity Africa are respectful to your attendees. the participants and staff of our programme, and follow local laws and guidelines consistent with your particular community. If you have questions about appropriate messaging, please contact us for assistance.

Greg Edwards

UK volunteer inspires friend to raise funds for Maternity Africa by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

“Climbing Kilimanjaro had been a long-time ambition. The opportunity came about when my friend Katie was going out to Tanzania to volunteer as a midwife with Maternity Africa. With the challenge of climbing to the top of Africa, I thought it would be a good idea to try and raise money for Maternity Africa. I thought it would be best for this money to go towards making a difference in Tanzania. Seeing and hearing about the work she was doing with Maternity Africa made it an easy decision to want to raise money for them.”

Kalpana Soni

The excerpt below is from a lady who used her baby shower as an opportunity to raise funds for mothers working with Maternity Africa.

“The thought came to me when I found out I was pregnant and was looking into options on OB/hospitals. I realized how lucky we are to have the ability to choose. In developing countries there are no options or choice – sometimes even no support. All of which I think is so important as a pregnant mother and for the health of babies – new life coming into this world.

So I decided to ask for donations as part of my baby shower. I sent a little note to all my family and friends requesting for not their presents but their support for my aim. I set up a box and the ladies donated as much as they wanted anonymously. It was such a great hit! And I did not expect to raise the amount that we did. It just shows how far compassion can go.”

Brydies to Bree

Volunteer midwives at organize fundraiser among colleagues, friends and family

“We felt compelled to raise money for Maternity Africa after hearing about the good work they do. We had also committed to volunteering as midwives in Tanzania. We hoped to use this as an opportunity to inform our community of the disparity in maternal health worldwide, and get them on board. We spent some time thinking up a few fundraising ideas and researching our target audience. Working in a big hospital, we knew a cake stall would be a hit. We received help from colleagues, family, friends, even strangers. We were astounded at the reception we received and weren’t prepared for everyone’s generosity. We were told it was a record breaking cake stall for our hospital and we were thankful to have raised just over $2,000 for Maternity Africa.”

Kivulini Maternity Centre

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