Fransisca is 29 years old and comes from a local village.  She has five children, including twins, born by Caesarean Section at another local hospital.  Her second baby was born at home.  However, Fransisca heard from her sister in law about the new Maternity Africa hospital at Kivulini. 

Fransisca delivered her fifth baby at the Maternity Africa hospital.  She said that the care at home is completely different from the care she received at Maternity Africa.

Fransisca said “I am very glad I got to be treated and to deliver my baby at Maternity Africa because the care provided here is very good and the food provided to patients is also good.  I have nothing to pay to Maternity Africa and I ask God to bless you all for good and quality of care you provide to poor women. You guys are doing God’s work.  God bless you and thank you.”

We are very happy to have you at our Kivulini Maternity Centre Fransisca, and people like you.  Thank you.