We are thrilled that nearly all of the 67 women who were suffering from fistula injuries and other birth-indued injuries and operated on by Dr Andrew Browning recently are completely cured and have now returned home.

They are delighted and couldn’t wait to be reunited with their families. Unfortunately for now, eight ladies still have some issues, but there is still hope and Andrew and his team are scheduling them for the next fistula camp, and we hope that will take place in March.

Thanks to the kindness of our generous donors, the fistula surgeries for these wonderful and brave women at Kivulini Maternity Centre are provided free-of-charge, including any follow-up services they may require.

We are also grateful for all of our staff, clinical and non-clinical, for the huge efforts they made to make this camp so successful. Thank you.

If you would like to help Maternity Africa provide good maternal healthcare services for poor women in Tanzania, then please follow this link. Thank you.