Maternity Africa screened more than 85 women who arrived at Kivulini Maternity Centre from across Tanzania over the past few weeks for treatment. About 60 of them were then scheduled for surgery.

Doctors from Kivulini Maternity Centre and an international Doctor (Maternity Africa’s Founder, Dr Andrew Browning AM) who is the are currently operating, with up to nine surgeries taking place each day. (The hospital is otherwise extremely busy, with October seeing a joint record of 231 deliveries).

During the fistula camp, Maternity Africa’s staff lay on various social and educational events for the fistula patients, aiming to:

  • Empower the ladies with different life skills;
  • Train the ladies on entrepreneurship skills so when they go back home, they can help to support themselves and their families financially;
  • Train the ladies with practical skills, such as ‘local’ soap making, so that they can produce soap for their households when they return home, and sell some;
  • Refresh their minds and outlooks on life after facing social challenges from the communities; and
  • Offer them psychological, mental and emotional support.

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Pictured: ladies learning how to make ‘local’ soap.