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Last week, this photo of Kivulini Maternity Centre was taken from the air. It was so incredible to have a bird’s eye view of our project. It’s a real encouragement to see how far it has come over these last few years and to know that the construction part is almost complete.

It also serves as a reminder that we are a gateway of hope into the rural community around us, and that we are well placed to serve the poorest and most vulnerable women in this district.

The centre is buzzing with builders and craftsmen and the landscaping is well under way

The national and international team continue to grow and work tirelessly to ensure all systems are in place to ensure a safe and secure environment is in place before we open our doors in May

The staff residency – yellow building at the back of the centre for international volunteers became a home for 5 of us last month, with 2 more joining us this week. We have a wonderful view over Mount Meru

In April we will have a month of orientation for our national team –a great opportunity to get to know one another and form the foundation on which to build this incredible project of hope

As the construction comes to an end, we want to thank acknowledge the pioneers of this vision, and the those that have persevered to make it a reality.  Dr Andrew Browning, Katie Christie, Lucas Toroya, Paul Chinn, Babette Gallard and Anna Boyd

Bring on May

Jude Holden

Country Director

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  1. Samantha

    Wonderful to see Kivulini from the air – it looks so smart and beautiful. Congratulations to the pioneering team, Kivulini is something to be hugely proud of… and all the best of luck and strength to the national team in taking it forward to become a centre of Maternity excellence!

  2. Diane Bannister

    Do you have an opening date yet? Wonderful job to get this far

    • jason

      Hi Diane,
      We are planning to open the doors for both pregnancy care and for a fistula repair camp in early June. We have all our staff here now and are spending the next few weeks with training, orientation and outreach services.

  3. Tumaini Ikomba

    I am very impressive with this effort which aim at serving mothers’ and children’s life be blessed and may Almighty God be with you to accomplish the entire goal

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