Shabani and Oshumu joined Maternity Africa six months ago to train to become midwives.  We were thrilled that, after passing all aspects of theory and practical assessments, they both qualified as midwives.  These hardworking gentlemen particularly enjoyed working in Maternity Africa’s Premature Babies Special Care Nursery at Kivulini Maternity Centre.  This unit provides care for those newly born babies who need special attention, including oxygen treatment, and blue light photo-therapy.  Shabani and Oshumu were trained in antenatal care, postnatal care, family planning, theatres and labour wards. 

Maternity Africa was delighted when they signed their employment contracts on completion of their training, and welcomes them here as potential leaders of tomorrow – both at Maternity Africa, and for Tanzania.  Thank you to their trainers, Zelly, Jaine, Namyaki, Miriam, Kareena and Celine. 

Maternity Africa looks forward to training more midwives in the future, making childbirth safe.