Mary is 24 years old.  She lives with her husband and now has three children.

Mary and her husband work in a factory that makes nets.  There are many chemicals around, and it is hard work. 

Mary became pregnant for the third time.  She attended a clinic at a rural hospital, but not often because her work would not allow her to attend the clinic when she was expected to work.

A few days ago Mary was in labour.  Her husband was absent, because he was working on the night shift.  A neighbour helped to bring Mary to Maternity Africa’s Kivulini Maternity Centre to give birth.  Mary is very happy to give birth with Maternity Africa, and enjoys the good care offered to her and her new little baby.

We all celebrate Mary’s happiness on this, Celebration of Life Week.

If you would like Maternity Africa to make childbirth safe for more people like Mary, please follow the link below.  Thank you!