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Serena was a young woman who arrived at the hospital with a suspected fistula as she was leaking faeces. She said she had had ‘an operation’ in another hospital, but all signs pointed towards a ‘back street’ abortion. Abortion is … Continued


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Neema came to us 2 years ago in a dreadful state. She had recently been in labour for 4 days and went for a caesarean at a rural hospital where she delivered a dead baby boy. When she arrived she … Continued

The Mom Pod

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Girls’ Globe is an innovative, women-led online magazine and a global network of individuals and organizations focused on the rights and health of women and girls. With expertise in the area of communications and advocacy our network spans over twenty countries … Continued


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Hawa is a 21 year old Afar woman. We met her in her third pregnancy. She had had 2 stillborn infants in her first 2 pregnancies and did not know why. She arrived at the BMF hospital in Mille, when … Continued

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