The beautiful smile on this  BiBi’s face tells the story of hope and restoration. BiBi had suffered the debilitating and painful condition of a prolapsed uterus, for many years. Now she is healed after a successful surgery. Sharing this special day with  Bibi is our caring and compassionate country director of Kivulini, Jude.

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A safe, premature baby

Juliet delivered her baby at home - still quite common in rural Africa. It was Juliet's first baby, who was born prematurely and experienced difficulty breathing. Juliet came with her baby to Maternity Africa's Kivulini Maternity Centre to see if we could help. We...

A joyful welcome to celebrate International Women’s Day

How lovely to celebrate International Women's Day, warmly welcoming more than 25 ladies who arrived this week. Kivulini Maternity Centre is about to commence its March 2019 fistula 'camp' - a period of intense activities of preparing almost 40 patients for surgery,...

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  1. Beverley Defty

    It is always so encouraging and wonderful to read about the operations that restore lives that the staff of the hospital are doing.


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