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I am Anna McKee, the Administrator. A very boring title for what is never the same two days in a row! A Registered nurse by trade, I developed an interest in Obstetric fistula working on the Mercy Ship many years ago.

I help with getting volunteers here smoothly, proposal and report writing; managing social media, strategizing Maternity Africa’s future direction, encouraging donors looking out for partnerships to help the Mums and Babies in Tanzania and Ethiopia.

I love that no two days are the same, and even after a challenging day of bureaucracy and red tape, the smile of a cured fistula lady makes it all worth while!

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  1. Anonymous

    Dear Anna
    my name is Katerina, i am a midwife and i am working at chelsea and westminsterhospita in London. I studied midwifery in Greece. I graduated on 2011 and fo rthe last 3 years i am working in UK for NHS hospitals.
    I am writting to you as i recently watched a video about the maternity care in Africa and generally in developing counties. I did a small research and i was quite shocked by the numbers of the neonatal and maternal mortality and the care that they receive due to the luck of trained stuff.
    I am very impressed by the job that you are doing in the developing countries and i would like more than anything to be a part of it. Offering my skills and knowledge to help mothers and babies is beyond all my wishes. I would like to ask you if you can consider me as a volunteer in your organisation . I am sendind you a small summary of my experience.

    Postnatal ward.
    My duties and responsibilities included
    Maternal and newborn examination
    Support, assist and assess breastfeeding
    Encourage the woman and her family to report any concerns in relation to their physical, social, mental or emotional health, discuss issues and ask questions
    Offer Anti-D immunoglobulin to every non-sensitised Rh-D-negative woman.
    Administer medicines (PO, IV, IM ,SC, PR) as prescribed and for which i have received training to use.
    Maternal and newborn discharge and advice women of the signs and
    symptoms of potentially life-threatening conditions for her and the newborn.

    intrapartum care (high risk LW and Birth center)
    Discuss and follow maternal birth plan
    Provide physical, emotional support and advocasy. Provide evidence based information and advice. One to one care.
    Offering alternative ways of pain relief such as massage, water. Encourage the use of birthing ball upright positions and mobilise.
    Commence and assess CTG in high risk pregnancies and where there is deviation from norm.
    Perform venipuncture to obtain blood samples.
    Obtain peripheral venous access (cannulating)
    Administer I.V fluids, I.V. antibiotics.
    Care of women with epidural analgesia during labour.
    Inserting urine catheter when required.
    Conduct spontaneous deliveries
    Recognise the warning signs of abnormality in the mother or infant which
    necessitate referral to a doctor and to assist the latter where appropriate, in particular the instrumental deliveries, manual removal of the placenta, obtaining FBS, transfering into theatre for a c/s.
    To examine and care for the newborn infant: to take all initiatives which are necessary in case of need and to carry out where necessary immediate resuscitation
    Repair of 1st or 2nd degree perineal – vaginal tear.
    Deal with emergencies such as PPH,MOH, shoulder dystocia, prolonged bradycardia and neonatal resuscitation.

    Look forward to your replying
    Best regards
    Katerina Diela

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Anna
    I made it home safely after my African adventures
    Back to my pregnant ladies and my family
    Keep doing your good deeds
    It’s a fine thing

    Kindest regards


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