Amina is from Shinyanga in northern Tanzania and is 44 years old. She developed a fistula 22 years ago, caused by prolonged labour and because of a physical deformity that she suffered during a fall.

Amina lives in a village where it is very difficult to arrange transport to a hospital. Motorcycles are used, although that presents challenges for Amina because of her condition. It can also be very difficult to arrange transport during the night.

Supported by Fistula Foundation, an outreach team from Maternity Africa met Amina. The team examined her and verified that she had a fistula. Maternity Africa’s social worker organized Amina’s transport to Kivulini Maternity Centre.

Although operated on by Maternity Africa’s surgeon for vesicovaginal fistula (VVF), Amina’s treatment was not entirely successful on this occasion. Given that her legs cannot be separated adequately, the procedure was very challenging. Amina needs to return to Kivulini Maternity Centre for further surgery.

When she arrived at Kivulini Maternity Centre, Amina had only locally-made crutches, which were broken and very short. This caused her to walk in a stooped manner. Maternity Africa purchased a new pair of crutches from its ‘social care fund’ that the Social Worker put in place using donations from people in Australia and the United Kingdom. Amina returned home with her new, adjustable crutches.

We look forward to welcoming Amina to Kivulini Maternity Centre for more treatment soon.

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